I am addicted to chocolate. I am a day dreamer, an antique store and yard sale junkie. I love to read books and watch documentaries on just about anything. I love colour photos, black and white photos, and well....all photos. First and foremost I am a Mommy to two beautiful girls. They are my life and the best thing that I have EVER done. They are the reason I breath. I am also a wife to a very supportive husband, Down Syndrome Advocate and Mommy Blogger

I am a natural light lifestyle/documentary photographer located in South Western Ontario.  My real passion is for photographing real life. No posing. No props. SIMPLE. Just as you are in real life. Forget about keeping up with the “Joneses.” You don't have to clean your house. You don’t have to wait until everyone has had their hair cut. You don’t even have to do your makeup. This is your life. Your details. Your history. Your memories. Playing a game, cooking, at the park, whatever it is that you do that makes your family you.

Hi, my name is Pamela...



Pam Rose Photography